1. What are your business hours?

We are open Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm, and Saturday 10am-2pm. We are closed to the public on Sunday and Monday.

2. By when should I order my cake?

We need 7-10 days notice for all cakes. During our slow season we are sometimes able to take simple designs with 3-5 days notice, but we cannot guarantee this.

3. Do I need an appointment to order a cake? How can I order?

You do not need an appointment to order a cake. You can place orders over the phone or you can come in to place the order. We do NOT accept orders through email. We also do NOT accept orders left on our voicemail, you need to actually speak to someone.

4. How can I get a price quote?

All cakes are priced based on size, flavor and design. Without knowing all this information we cannot provide an accurate price quote. We welcome emails if you have a picture of something you’d like done, or you can certainly call us and speak to someone directly. Please note, if you are emailing a picture to receive a price quote this may up to two weeks. We often have to meet with cake designers to discuss pricing variables, so please be patient. We recommend emailing your images at least three weeks before your event in order to ensure you can receive an accurate price quote in time.

5. Can I call and just get my name on the books for a date, but leave my order unfinished?

We can take your name, information, and date of your order to get it started, but your order will not be processed. If anything about the cake (size, flavor, design) is left undetermined the order is considered a “TBD”. TBD orders must be confirmed 7-10 days prior to the event. If they are not confirmed they are canceled.

6. After I place my order can I change or cancel it?

We have a policy of no changes (including date changes) or cancellations the week of the event, so you can make modifications up until a week prior to the event date.

8. When do I pay/ How do I pay for my cake?

Payment is required on pick-up of cake. We accept payment in advance if you would prefer, but it is not required. We only accept cash or check for payment, no credit or debit cards.

9. Will my cake be boxed when I pick it up?

Our cakes do come boxed, however our cakes are very tall, so we do have to leave the boxes tented open. Our 3D cakes cannot be covered with plastic due to security measures during transportation.

10. How do I pay for a corporate order?

We welcome all corporate orders with a 30-day billing invoice.

11. Does your product contain nuts?

We do have walnuts and hazelnuts on the premises but if we know in advance about an allergy every precaution will be taken to ensure no cross contact.

12. Do you have cakes available in stock that I can just come in and buy?

We are a custom bakery and all of our items are made to order. We do not have cakes in stock ready to purchase. We try to have stock cupcakes on Friday afternoons and Saturdays, but it is best to call ahead of time to check. We also sometimes have stock cakes available during holiday weeks only, but it also best to call ahead then. If you do call ahead you cannot reserve stock items, or have them set aside. All stock items are sold on a first-come first-served basis.

13. How far in advance should I call to schedule a cake tasting for my wedding?

We usually need 2-3 weeks notice to schedule a tasting. We do not schedule appointments through email so please call our office to do so.

14. How long before my wedding should I come in for a tasting?

It is never too early! You are not committed to anything by coming in for a tasting so you can come in as far in advance as you would like. It is best if your appointment is at least 3 months in advance of your celebration, we do become booked up during busier months.

15. When do you offer cake tasting appointments?

We offer cake tasting appointments Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday until mid-afternoon, and some evening appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. All appointments are based on availability.

16. Does it cost money to do a tasting?

No, cake tastings are free of charge.

17. How do I book my wedding/ How far in advance should I book my wedding?

To book your wedding cake you need to leave a deposit. If you are under package with a hotel you just need to confirm with us that you would like to be considered a “definite” order. We like to have 2-3 months notice before the wedding, but if your wedding falls during our busy seasons (April-June, September-October) it is best to get your deposit in or confirm with us as soon as possible because we can become booked up during those times of the year.

18. What is required for a deposit?

The amount of a deposit is dependent on the price of the cake. Deposits, less $50, can be returned up to 30 days prior to the event.

19. Do you deliver/ Is there a charge?

We do deliver but there is a charge depending on what town it would be going to. Some destinations have a minimum order requirement also.

20. Do you provide cake stands/ cupcake towers?

We have three very elegant silver cake stands available for rent. There is a $75 rental charge which is added into the cost of the cake, and there is a $300 deposit that will be returned to you when you return the stand to us. Cake stands must be returned 3-5 days after the event.

We also offer cupcake stands for rent. They have a $50 rental charge, and a $100 deposit that is returned to you when the stand is returned to us. Cupcake stands must returned 3-5 days after the event. We also have disposable stands available for purchase for smaller parties that range in cost $15-$25.

All equipment deposits require a separate check.