Cake Flavor options:

Our traditional cakes are split and filled once with our buttercream icing, which is what we recommend for children’s parties. If your cake will be the main dessert, or even served with ice cream or sherbet, we recommend one of our sumptuous dessert cakes. They are split and filled three times with our special fillings and flavored buttercream icings.

Traditional Cake:

Two layers of cake with our buttercream icing filling.
Flavors: Gold, White, Lemon, Chocolate, Marble, or Half and Half (one layer of gold, one layer of chocolate)

Dessert Cake:

4 layers of cake with 3 layers of scrumptious fillings listed below:

Golden Raspberry

– Moist gold cake layered with raspberry jam and white buttercream.

Mocha Chocolate

– Moist deep chocolate cake with mocha buttercream and raspberry jam.

Double Chocolate Raspberry

– Chocolate cake layered with chocolate buttercream and raspberry jam.

Lemon Velvet

– Light lemony cake layered with lemon buttercream and raspberry jam.

Orange Grand Marnier

– Gold cake laced with Grand Marnier and filled with orange buttercream

Golden Amaretto

– Gold cake laced with Amaretto liqueur and layered with Amaretto buttercream.

Chocolate Hazelnut

– Chocolate cake filled with our special hazelnut buttercream.


– A tasty carrot cake filled with carrots, nuts and spices, layered with cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Chocolate Mousse

– Chocolate cake split and layered with our rich chocolate mousse.

White Chocolate Mousse

– Gold or chocolate cake layered with whipped white chocolate mousse.

Strawberry Mousse

– Gold or chocolate cake layered with strawberry mousse.

Coconut Dream

– Gold cake layered with light coconut filling.

Red Velvet Cake

– Traditional red velvet filled with cream cheese icing.

Please note: All cakes are iced in white buttercream unless otherwise specified. Chocolate buttercream is an additional charge.

Cupcake flavor options:

Traditional Cupcakes:

Standard cupcake iced in vanilla or chocolate buttercream.


Gold, Chocolate, Lemon

Dessert Cupcakes:

Standard cupcake evenly filled using any of the dessert cake flavors listed above, iced in vanilla or chocolate buttercream.

Cake pop flavor options:

Cake Flavors:

Gold, Chocolate, Red Velvet

Coating Options: Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate
Topping Options:  Toasted Coconut, Nerds, Nonpareil Sprinkles, Custom Colored Nonpareil Sprinkles, Chocolate Sprinkles, Rainbow Sprinkles, Mini-chocolate Chips, and Heath Bar Crunch
Special packaging for cake pops is available upon request for an additional charge. The packaging is perfect if the pops are being used as a party favor!